Here we are at the end of Q1 for fiscal year 2019 already! Time for a fresh start and new plan for your charitable giving efforts.

Do you have a plan yet?

Here are some current projects to help you decide where you'd like to direct part or all your 1% contribution for 2019. If you're interested in learning more about a specific nonprofit partner that is not listed, please let me know! Here is a donation template that you can include with any donations you make.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! 

Farm Alliance 1.jpg

Farm alliance of Baltimore

The Farm Alliance of Baltimore is raising money to upgrade our greenhouse! Built in 2014, our heated Farm Alliance greenhouse is a critical piece of infrastructure that lets urban farms grow seedlings indoors while winter rages outside. Seven farms are now sharing the space inside the greenhouse, which is located on city parkland in Clifton Park, Baltimore. We are so grateful that the propane heater still works five years after it was installed, but the future of local food in the city depends on our ability to replace the outer plastic bubble when it is battered by high winds, to service the heater and fans, and to keep the plumbing functioning so farmers can water their seedlings. Your contribution will go directly toward upgrading and maintaining this important greenhouse for the production of organic crops in Baltimore. Please give generously to the Farm Alliance greenhouse! Your generous donation will be acknowledged with a hand-written card, and remembered and appreciated for years to come.

Donations can be made online at

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Crossroads community food network

We are in the very early stages of planning a Food Entrepreneur Coaching Program to support our kitchen users and Microenterprise Training Program graduates. This program encourages them to take action towards achieving their goals by incorporating our Crossroads Grow Your Business Resource guide and an online Self-Coaching Curriculum by Brooke Castillo.

The Self-Coaching Curriculum is designed for clients who want lasting change. They take action. get results, move forward in their lives deliberately as they build & grow their business. They discover more purpose, motivation, and success. It's a future-focused process.

$5,000 would go towards a Self Coaching Scholars program (12-months), which includes:

  • program materials, videos, one set of workbooks, coaching assignments and recorded live coaching calls

  • participants can be grouped to follow the curriculum in a Facebook support group 

Donations can be made online here.


u Empower of md - the food project

We do monthly pop up restaurants at The Food Project and are always looking for sponsors to help pay for food and to pay the youth to work. February we had 22 youth working, served 168 people and gave away 300 lbs or free produce to the community. The Mayor attended and even sang. It was a huge hit! Here is what we are looking to do each month:

  • Sponsor a youth to work at The Food Project’s popup restaurant for $50/youth.

  • Or sponsor the entire FREE community restaurant for $1500. 

Donations can be made online at

Bakerfield at the farm.jpg

TasteWise Kids

We are looking to secure funding partnerships for our Spring semester of Days of Taste which will run from April - May.

Become a Days of Taste school sponsor and help students cultivate a love for learning and food. This sponsorship allows you to support the Days of Taste program in a local elementary school and provides an opportunity for your employees to volunteer directly with the students. Our Adopt-A-School partners have found this to be an excellent way to strengthen their community involvement and to help build a lasting relationship. See attached flyer for more details.  

Food for Thought.jpg

Food for Thought Baltimore County

Food for Thought Baltimore County (FFTBC) partners with BCPS to provide filled backpacks to food insecure Baltimore County Public School students at the end of each week during the school year so that they come to school Monday morning ready to learn.  The food they receive, which is recommended by a dietician, provides the nutrients needed to fuel their brains. School counselors have shared with us how their students blossom when they start receiving their backpacks!

FFTBC partners are currently serving 160 students across Baltimore County; our goal is to be able to serve 200 students in 2019.  Each partner organization purchases, packs and delivers food each week to their assigned schools. This model allows the flexibility to tailor the backpacks to the needs of the individual community and allows for impactful, hands on community service.  

How can you get involved?

  • Provide a donation of any amount that can be used to purchase backpacks or expand the program to communities without the resources to purchase food.

  • Get involved!  Commit to supporting a child for the remainder of the school year  ($10 to fill a backpack X 25 weeks = $250/child)

  • Join with us to develop a business program:  each business would commit to filling 20 packs for their selected month.  

For more information, or to get involved or make a donation, please contact Nancy Peper @, visit our facebook page: or visit our webpage (in development):