Don't Take Our Word for It....Trust Our Business Members!

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As a business partner with Give One for Good Food® , we are honored to be a part of an organization that addresses nutritional needs of our communities. We enjoy working with the non-profits to nourish and connect people with nutritious, fresh, local food. From providing hands-on education and seeking to empower kids with TasteWise Kids, to learning about local farming and increasing access to healthy, affordable food with Whitlock Farms, Whole Health Designs supports these non-profits that also offer cooking and nutrition programs to adults and children throughout our communities.

Whole Health Designs is committed to assisting these amazing organizations with knowing where our food comes from and how it gets from farm to table. As a nutrition lifestyle company, we see this as one of the most important ways to encourage a healthy diet. Our experience with Give One for Good Food®  has been extremely rewarding while advocating for local food agriculture as well as giving all our communities access to real, whole, nourishing foods!

Lisa Consiglio Ryan - Whole Health Designs