Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: TasteWise Kids!

Give One for Good Food® is happy to support TasteWise Kids and their signature program, Days of Taste. They are changing the way the youth in Baltimore view nutrition and our food system.

Bakerfield at the farm.jpg

For every $30 donation, a child gets the opportunity to participate in our 3-day Days of Taste® program, tasting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, visiting a farm to see how plants are grown and animals are raised, and making their own farm-fresh salad with a professional chef. In the 2017 – 2018 school year we will serve over 3,300 students in Baltimore City and Baltimore, Howard and Harford Counties.

We find that each of these children is touched differently. After visiting the farm, one may exclaim, “I thought broccoli came from a factory!” and another will be amazed “I don’t like vegetables, but that nasty asparagus straight from the ground was delicious!”

For other kids, making the salad with the chef is the highlight, as they feel like a professional chef themselves, might be trying salad for the first time, or are excited to take home the recipe for the salad and dressing to make it for their parents."

But we have also been amazed at the long-term impact the program has and the lasting effects on the students that we are lucky to work with:

"We were leaving a school after day 3, wearing our Days of Taste® t-shirts when a woman rushed over to talk to us in the hallway. She wanted us to know that her son did Days of Taste a few years before, and he loved the program. After Days of Taste, he was determined to be a professional chef and insisted they start a vegetable garden in their backyard. “Since then, we pick our own vegetables and eat fresh vegetables and salad every day. We all eat differently. The program changed our entire family’s life!"

Want to support TasteWise Kids? Join us today!