Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: UEmpower of Maryland

Give One for Good Food® is proud to support UEmpower of Maryland and the incredible work they are doing to promote nutrition education and opportunities for youth in Baltimore. Check out what they've been up to!

“All my partners were in the food industry and we had made a decision, we could only continue to feed a neighborhood for so long. At some point, you want to feel like you’re making a difference,” Suazo [UEmpower of MD vice president] said. “So we had come up with food empowering programs, where the youth would be drawn in because there would be food. But they would learn how to cook the food.”


“We also have a farmer, so they could learn how to do urban farming, and they would be learning about nutrition,” she added. “But then we also wanted to be able to offer them jobs. We know that a little bit of money can make a big difference for them. And if you’re not engaging these children, these children are just roaming the streets. Our goal was for us to be louder than the streets. In order to do that, we really need to be there full time.”

To help make things better in Southwest Baltimore, UEmpower needs more funding and equipment to keep its programs running over the long term. Spector said one funding initiative under consideration is to get restaurant patrons to add a quarter to their check. And recently, Spector and one of the youth mentors from UEmpower joined Suazo to meet Rosanne Skirble, creator of a healthy snack food called Seedy Nutty, a dessert Skirble found on a trip to Israel. Suazo said Skirble is exploring moving the production of the snack to UEmpower, where the youths in the program would make the product and learn how to market and sell it."

Source: The Jewish Times:

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