Build Both Our Brands!

At Give One, our Business Members have access to our “Seal of Support” to use on all products and marketing to show their dedication to our social cause!

Displaying our logo creates brand presence, extends our outreach to the community, and gives businesses a competitive advantage - studies show consumers are 90% more likely to switch to a brand that supports a good cause. It’s a win-win!

If you are a local business and would like more information regarding our 2019 branding initiatives or corporate benefits, reach out to Danielle at!


It's Not Too Late for 2018 Year-End Giving!

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Finish 2018 out strong and give back to local area nonprofits that are driven to create a healthier, more equitable food system.

While the need for support is with us year round, the issue surrounding food access is especially evident during the holiday seasons.

Join our network and learn more about how your business can support our neighbors and families, both now and throughout the entire year.

Make this #GivingTuesday Count!

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The holidays have always been a memorable time to gather around the table with those we love. Celebrate #GivingTuesday with us this year to help us make sure that all of our families, friends, and neighbors have access to fresh, healthy food. Help us create a strong network of Baltimore-DC businesses dedicated to supporting the local nonprofits that are creating a healthier, more equitable food system!
Interested in joining Give One for Good Food® as a Business Member? Click HERE to learn how to join our network and partner with our founder Michele's Granola and other businesses to amplify our impact in the community.

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Misteka Food's #DontEatAlone Program!

Give One Business Partner, Misteka Foods, is celebrating a huge milestone for their business!

The company recently opened their first retail location in Clarksville, MD under the name, Koshery by Misteka. Through this program they are donating one free meal for every three they sell to one of four charities - one of which is Give One Nonprofit Partner.

Thanks, Misteka, for your ongoing support to help feed our neighbors and create a sustainable, more equitable food system!

Koshery by Misteka created a token system that enables customers to choose the charity of their choice.

Koshery by Misteka created a token system that enables customers to choose the charity of their choice.

Don't Take Our Word for It....Trust Our Business Members!

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As a business partner with Give One for Good Food® , we are honored to be a part of an organization that addresses nutritional needs of our communities. We enjoy working with the non-profits to nourish and connect people with nutritious, fresh, local food. From providing hands-on education and seeking to empower kids with TasteWise Kids, to learning about local farming and increasing access to healthy, affordable food with Whitlock Farms, Whole Health Designs supports these non-profits that also offer cooking and nutrition programs to adults and children throughout our communities.

Whole Health Designs is committed to assisting these amazing organizations with knowing where our food comes from and how it gets from farm to table. As a nutrition lifestyle company, we see this as one of the most important ways to encourage a healthy diet. Our experience with Give One for Good Food®  has been extremely rewarding while advocating for local food agriculture as well as giving all our communities access to real, whole, nourishing foods!

Lisa Consiglio Ryan - Whole Health Designs

How To Maximize Your Small Business Efforts

A line on a TV ad goes as follows “there is nothing small about your small business.” That is just so true. Being a small business owner I just can’t speak enough about the challenges of trying to juggle all aspects of keeping your brand up and running by one person. From marketing and sales, to accounting and taxes, to production and quality control, to staff training, hiring, firing and everything else in between. 

One of the pillars we stand on as a brand is #DontEatAlone. A cause we work everyday for, feeding people who are in need in our communities. As much as we’re in love with our cause “hunger fight,” there is no denying that it is a whole full-fledged operation on its own. This is where one of our most valued partners becomes indispensable: Give One for Good Food® Network. They work closely with us to connect our contributions to a network of nonprofits who make the greatest impact in the community. They do the research, the legwork, the communication and the follow-up so every business is able to conveniently give back. 

Through them we were able to make contributions to The Baltimore Orchard Project @baltorchrd AND The Crossroads Community Food Network @crossroadsntwk and for that we are so thankful!

Through them we were able to make contributions to The Baltimore Orchard Project @baltorchrd AND The Crossroads Community Food Network @crossroadsntwk and for that we are so thankful!

Give One for Good Food® Network again are indispensable to us. They help us reach further in our mission and maximize the impact of our donations. We are proud to carry their seal on our products and marketing collateral and have them as a preferred #payitforward partner. 

Special thanks to Danielle DeLisle, their very supportive Program Coordinator.

Iman Moussa - Misteka Foods

MOM's Organic Market Joins the Give One for Good Food® Efforts!

MOM’s Organic Market will match Michele's Granola charitable donations based on sales of their exclusive, co-branded granola products.


Michele's Granola and MOM's Organic Market have teamed up to create specialty granola flavors, available for sale only at MOM's Organic Market. In Fall 2017, the companies debuted two flavors: Almond Butter and Mocha Coconut. These exclusive products are expected to run through the end of 2018.

While MOM's Organic Market is dedicated to giving back to the community for environmental causes, MOM's also has agreed to support the Give One for Good Food® network by matching Michele's Granola's 1% charitable contribution on the sales of these exclusive, co-branded products.

We are very excited to help these two businesses coordinate their charitable giving efforts to Nonprofit Partners in our network working towards a healthier, more equitable food system!

Businesses Giving Back!

One of our Founding Business Members, Misteka Foods, is proud to support the Baltimore Orchard Project's Moveable Orchards project to bring fruit trees to four neighborhoods in Baltimore City!

Misteka Foods is engaging with the community, showing how EASY it is for businesses to get involved with local nonprofit organizations leading the way towards a healthier, more equitable food system.

Join Misteka Foods and other mission-driven businesses today in the Give One for Good Food pledge!


Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: TasteWise Kids!

Give One for Good Food® is happy to support TasteWise Kids and their signature program, Days of Taste. They are changing the way the youth in Baltimore view nutrition and our food system.

Bakerfield at the farm.jpg

For every $30 donation, a child gets the opportunity to participate in our 3-day Days of Taste® program, tasting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, visiting a farm to see how plants are grown and animals are raised, and making their own farm-fresh salad with a professional chef. In the 2017 – 2018 school year we will serve over 3,300 students in Baltimore City and Baltimore, Howard and Harford Counties.

We find that each of these children is touched differently. After visiting the farm, one may exclaim, “I thought broccoli came from a factory!” and another will be amazed “I don’t like vegetables, but that nasty asparagus straight from the ground was delicious!”

For other kids, making the salad with the chef is the highlight, as they feel like a professional chef themselves, might be trying salad for the first time, or are excited to take home the recipe for the salad and dressing to make it for their parents."

But we have also been amazed at the long-term impact the program has and the lasting effects on the students that we are lucky to work with:

"We were leaving a school after day 3, wearing our Days of Taste® t-shirts when a woman rushed over to talk to us in the hallway. She wanted us to know that her son did Days of Taste a few years before, and he loved the program. After Days of Taste, he was determined to be a professional chef and insisted they start a vegetable garden in their backyard. “Since then, we pick our own vegetables and eat fresh vegetables and salad every day. We all eat differently. The program changed our entire family’s life!"

Want to support TasteWise Kids? Join us today!

Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: Whitelock Community Farm

Give One for Good Food® is proud of one our first nonprofit partners, Whitelock Community Farm! This urban farm has been passionately serving the community, providing community workshops and healthy cooking classes in the Baltimore area. 

Farm Club and Healthy Cooking Classes


This week Paige, one of our former Farm Club students who has also been in cooking class for a couple years, intervened when younger students went to put food scraps in the trash, and enthusiastically told everyone how we compost and how the worms at the farm would appreciate our food scraps more than a landfill would. 

Each week in cooking class we make a kale salad, alongside our new recipe, and students have come to love the process of preparing it. Those who are assigned this role take pride in making a huge salad for their classmates, and often share the extra with younger students and the rec center directors. They are able to identify which flavors they think make the salad delicious, and have over time incorporated more nutritious components. 

Students who have are not yet old enough to participate in cooking class at the rec center always ask when they will be able to learn to cook, and always ask for leftovers from the healthy meal we have prepared. 

When the farm's mobile market visits the elementary school, students who have been involved with the Farm Club eagerly volunteer to help run the stand. They work together to identify what is for sale, and to encourage parents and teachers to buy produce from the market. Students are able to tell customers about their experience visiting the farm, and in some cases have been the ones to help plant the vegetables they are selling. 

Community Workshops

  In 2017, our gardening 101 workshop introduced about 50 attendees to a variety of sustainable gardening practices and resources to support their growing endeavors. Using topics covered in this workshop, the farm put together a well-rounded curriculum and piloted a volunteer workshare program, in which participants received intensive training in sustainable farming practices and received vouchers to the weekly farm stand in exchange for their participation

Want to support Whitelock Community Farm? Join us today!

Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: Crossroads Community Food Network

Nancia in kitchen.jpg

Give One is proud to support the budding entrepreneurs that are engaged with Crossroads Community Farm Network. Located in Takoma Park, Crossroads Community Food Network has opened a community kitchen to help lower the barriers to entry for food entrepreneurs that are using local produce to provide healthy food to the community!

"Let us share a success story of Nancia Sical, who runs Nancia’s Antojitos and sells Guatemalan food at the Crossroads Farmers Market. Having the use of a licensed commercial kitchen allowed Nancia to change her company's permitting status and become an official catering business. She now can cater weddings, parties and any special occasion. Nancia's big heart and creativeness is apparent in all she does. As a teacher working with homeless youth in her native Guatemala, Nancia's inventiveness helped her make the most out of the limited resources she had to work with. Now that she's brought her passion for cooking and nourishing those around to Maryland, Nancia has been selling traditional Guatemalan small plates, antojitos, at Crossroads Farmers Market. Here her customers don't mind waiting in line, as they are grateful for the smells and flavors that embody home. Though the recipes originate miles away, Nancia sources many of her ingredients from local farmers, making the freshest and tastiest dishes. Nancia is famous for her carne asada & tortillas con carne, tamales (vegetable and chicken), taquitos and tostadas. Her edible fruit arrangements are a favorite at parties!"

Want to support Crossroads Community Food Network? Join us today!

Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: UEmpower of Maryland

Give One for Good Food® is proud to support UEmpower of Maryland and the incredible work they are doing to promote nutrition education and opportunities for youth in Baltimore. Check out what they've been up to!

“All my partners were in the food industry and we had made a decision, we could only continue to feed a neighborhood for so long. At some point, you want to feel like you’re making a difference,” Suazo [UEmpower of MD vice president] said. “So we had come up with food empowering programs, where the youth would be drawn in because there would be food. But they would learn how to cook the food.”


“We also have a farmer, so they could learn how to do urban farming, and they would be learning about nutrition,” she added. “But then we also wanted to be able to offer them jobs. We know that a little bit of money can make a big difference for them. And if you’re not engaging these children, these children are just roaming the streets. Our goal was for us to be louder than the streets. In order to do that, we really need to be there full time.”

To help make things better in Southwest Baltimore, UEmpower needs more funding and equipment to keep its programs running over the long term. Spector said one funding initiative under consideration is to get restaurant patrons to add a quarter to their check. And recently, Spector and one of the youth mentors from UEmpower joined Suazo to meet Rosanne Skirble, creator of a healthy snack food called Seedy Nutty, a dessert Skirble found on a trip to Israel. Suazo said Skirble is exploring moving the production of the snack to UEmpower, where the youths in the program would make the product and learn how to market and sell it."

Source: The Jewish Times:

Want to support UEmpower of MD? Join us today!

Nonprofit Partner Success Stories: Farm Alliance of Baltimore

Give One for Good Food® has worked closely with many members of the Farm Alliance of Baltimore, such as Whitelock Community Farm. Under new management, the Farm Alliance of Baltimore is dedicated to growing a more accessible and just food system. Take a look at what they've accomplished in 2017!

"Our cooperative market stand at the 32nd Street Farmers’ Market in Waverly generated more than $15,000 in sales for our member farms. Over 3,000 people visited our member farms. We distributed many thousands of Double Dollars for federal food benefit recipients to use to buy additional healthy fresh produce from our urban farmers. During the winter, Farm Alliance member farms grew thousands of seedlings in our shared greenhouse in Clifton Park. The Farm Alliance also helped train new urban farmers as part of Future Harvest/CASA’s Beginner Farmer Training Program and through the Cultivate Baltimore workshop series; soon we will announce Cultivate Baltimore’s return in 2018!

Five core values that guide our work came to the surface in our strategic planning process. They are:

  • Sustainable Agriculture: Farming practices that enhance environmental quality and the health and quality of life for farmers and communities
  • Solidarity: Interconnectedness; our farms' fate is tied to that of Baltimore City residents
  • Collective Power: Strength in numbers, collaborative approach to movement building, cooperation
  • Equity: Shared power; fair and just control of and access to resources
  • Education: Ongoing exchange of knowledge, experiential learning and farmer development; collective questioning and critical dialogue

As we support our urban farms, transform our food system, collect and analyze data, and advocate for policies that make it easier to grow food in our communities, we will seek to use systems and practices that are in keeping with these values.

What do we intend for 2018? We are expanding our Double Dollars program to include more nutrition and cooking demonstrations in the communities where our farms operate. We’re building infrastructure for the Farm Alliance market stand at 32nd Street market, too. the Farm Alliance will soon have its own market vehicle to transport produce from the farms to the market each Saturday. Finally, we are renewing our commitment to healthy soils and to healthy relationships in our communities. we will continue to help our member farms test for soil nutrients as well as toxic heavy metals. And we are taking steps to make sure our organization is a reliable partner in the movement for racial and economic justice in Baltimore's food system by hosting an anti-racism training for all Farm Alliance members, board and staff.

Want to support the Farm Alliance of Baltimore? Join us today!

Meet Our New Nonprofit Member: Farm Alliance of Baltimore!


Farm Alliance.jpg

Farm Alliance of Baltimore is a network of producers working to increase the viability of urban farming and improve access to urban grown foods. They are united by practices and principles that are socially, economically, and environmentally just.

Programs: Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Farmers Market Stands

Want to support the Farm Alliance of Baltimore? Join our network as a Business Member!

Meet Our New Nonprofit Member: City Seeds!


City Seeds.png

City Seeds is committed to providing quality food and good jobs, while growing Baltimore’s local food economy. They do this by sourcing local, training and hiring individuals with barriers to employment, and supporting local food entrepreneurs through their business training program School of Food. City Seeds services include wholesale food production, catering, and retail kiosks and cafés.

Programs: City Seeds and School of Food

Want to help support City Seeds? Join our network as a Business Member!

Meet Our New Nonprofit Member: U Empower of Maryland!



U Empower of MD identifies areas of genuine need and bridges resources to create solutions that Empower our community. This multi-program organization includes food rescue, youth empowerment and family relief.

Programs: Food Bridge, the Food Project, Family Relief

Want to help support U Empower of Maryland? Join our network as a Business Member!

Will you join us?


The holidays have always been a memorable time to gather around the table with those we love. Celebrate #GivingTuesday with us this year to help us make sure that all of our families, friends, and neighbors have access to fresh, healthy food. Donate today to help us create a strong network of Baltimore-DC businesses dedicated to supporting the local nonprofits that are creating a healthier, more equitable food system!
Interested in joining Give One for Good Food® as a Business Member? Click HERE to learn how to join our network and partner with our founder Michele's Granola and other businesses to amplify our impact in the community.

Please be in touch with any questions or ideas!


Meet Our New Business Member: Misteka, LLC!


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MISTEKA is a brand specializing in creating Mediterranean Inspired desserts, snacks and meals while offering economic opportunities to refugees and underprivilaged minorities. It's in the core of their business also to partner with organizations supporting good causes.

MISTEKA is excited to partner with:

Baltimore Orchard Project

Gather Baltimore

Want to be our next Founding Member? Join us today!